Equable – Providing a fixed-price cryptocurrency

ONE is a digitized and secure equivalent of the money in your pocket.

Benefits that are provided

  • Once pegged to an asset, i.e. USD, EUR, Gold, etc., the price never changes
  • Never fluctuates in value, unlike common stablecoins or standard cryptocurrencies
  • Designed for everyday transactions, not just a tool for exchanges
  • Value is backed 100% by a patented process and a transparent global Liquidity Pool
    managed by an experienced team of professionals
  • Low, fixed transactions costs for consistency and ease of use
  • User-mined, to provide scalability, ultra-fast transaction speeds and a “hand-free”
    revenue stream for every user
  • Denominated in the user’s choice of most worldwide currencies or a select list of
    premium commodities
  • Fully supports frictionless interchangeability between all users and currencies
  • White-label versions of ONE and INC are available to qualified companies
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